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Al Rashed Fasteners and Engineering Fabrication Services Quality is our first product what's NEW
  Higher value for your money
Equipped with dimensional accuracy & higher strength levels, AL RASHED FASTENERS offer you substantial cost saving in the joint preparation & assembly stages there by raising the value...

Quality System (ISO: 9001 : 2000)

AL RASHED's manufacturing theme "DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME EVERY TIME" ensures constant awareness from vendor selection to manufacturing, and from warehousing to shipping. Quality importance is felt and applied at all stages. All raw materials and products are thoroughly inspected for their conformity to the standard requirements with a computer database for future reference. Any non-conformity is immediately reported to the supplier and remedial action taken. Our quality system is based on ISO: 9001: 2000. Modern techniques of quality assurance are applied and supported by written procedures including statistical quality control, failure mode and effect analysis, chemical, metallurgical and mechanical laboratory facilities are provided at plant site and all tests are carried out systematically on a day today basis. All the gauges, measuring instruments and testing equipments are calibrated as per the periodicity set forth by the company for their effective utilization and documented for future verification.

Product Traceability System

Each production batch is thoroughly inspected and tested for its conformity to the standard's requirements. Upon satisfactory report, a product traceability number (PT#) is issued and recorded in computer detailing mill heat #, heat treatment charge #., chemical composition and mechanical properties of the raw material used for production. This PT# is recorded in all documents and also on each carton, thus enabling QC to issue test certificates and to trace back the history of any product, for future verification, if required.

Test Certificate Through Data Bank

All data relating to any product is fed into computers data base, as explained above and therefore the preparation for test certificate has become more reliable and accurate with all added advantage of better customer service, thus enabling us to improve successful quality measures like increased customer confidence, improved productivity greater efficiency and a more committed work force.